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If you write sub any (a declaration) and then use List::MoreUtils 'any' then you will see the warning Prototype... Perl Subroutine Prototyping — The...

write a prototype for a perl sub

что не соответствует строке 3, где написано sub mv($$. Ошибка 101: Ошибка записи на диск (Error 101: Disk write error).Perl sub Function. PROTO defines the prototype for a function, which will be used when the function is called to validate the supplied arguments.

Perl's function prototypes are more like a context coercion used to write... For example, if Perl sees func(3, 5) for a function prototyped as sub func ($First, Perl 5 must encounter the sub declaration with its prototype prior to the... See Matt S. Trout's Indirect but Still Fatal for a fuller discussion......its only argument a Perl 5 code string, and returns true if and only if that code string establishes a nullary prototype for the whatever subroutine,...

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The Perl model for function call and return values is simple: all functions are passed as... If a sub has both a PROTO and a BLOCK, the prototype is not...print fact(3); # вычислить факториал 3*2*1 sub fact # Определяем подпрограмму. Для этого в Perl к имени переменной добавляется символ '*' Подобное...B::Deparse - Perl compiler backend to produce perl code. (a block, optionally preceded by a prototype in parens), given a reference to the sub.